Why it’s important for your business to have a website


The online market place is a complete game changer for modern day businesses. From a customer’s point of view it offers accessibility to browse and shop twenty four hours a day.

With over two billion people now online, a website can be used as a great tool to reach out to customers and make your company stand out from everyone else’s.


A web presence is fundamental in most business’ success.

A lot of people think their business doesn’t need a website, that it is adding extra costs or maybe they have just let their website get old and have not kept up to date with things such as Google’s SEO change policies or mobile optimisation.






Figures have shown that 80% of people who find out about businesses do so, online.

First and foremost, when browsing the web, customers want to make sure that your business is legitimate. A customer will often research into the best possible price before determining where to place their money. If you don’t have a website your credibility is damaged. People could suspect anything from your business being a scam or that it is too small to matter.



People want to know they can trust you.

This is why feedback, reviews and testimonials are important to your business. When a customer can look up positive comments from other people it reassures them that your business is sound.

A website also allows you to speak to your customers.

If a customer is looking at your website they often want information. A website is the best tool to communicate with your customer and update them on new deals, products or services that you may have.

At Get Connected through our research we have found that users want a simple, straight forward and light website.

Scrolling through clutter and waiting for load times just to get to the item you want isn’t going to make the customer’s job any easier and it will often put people off using your site again in the future.

Google also ranks businesses that have a mobile optimised site higher on their results index.

If you are not IT literate, then building a website can seem like a daunting task.

That’s where we come in.

Get Connected offer attractive, light and mobile optimised websites for an affordable price. We also create logos and images that will really make your company stand out.

To speak to one of our staff members please email us at orders@getconnected.website

We look forward to hearing from you - Paul

Paul Tweddle


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